Organization Name: Brazilian Mahjong Association
Introduction: ⠀
Following the worldwide efforts, with Mahjong International League (MIL)'s support – which sponsored our representatives in the WRC 2017 - Vegas – and aiming at officializing our activities, the Brazilian Mahjong Association has been legally established and is now the only national organization representing Mahjong in Brazil, with divisions that will carry out local activities.

Our goals include:
Promoting Mahjong, teaching to new players;
Being a reference for all Brazilian players;
Creating a national ranking with all players;
Running courses and workshops;
Explaining the game from a strategic standpoint, as well as showing the benefits it can bring to logical thinking;
Organizing events to teach Mahjong in schools, highlighting its advantages to the learning process;
Making it easier for players to purchase Mahjong sets/goods;
Holding national and international tournaments, such as the World Mahjong Mind Games, South American Riichi Championship and even the World Riichi Championship; and
Sending Brazilian representatives to international tournaments.

We look forward to hearing from players and hope to take the Brazilian Mahjong community to the next level. With everyone's cooperation, we are confident we can accomplish what was once unthinkable.