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Title: International Online Riichi Mahjong Championship Date: Team Nov.9th, Individual Nov. 23rd Time: UTC 11:00 AM Participants: 4 players per country List of p...
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1. Overview A. Date and time i. Country registration: until 23rd Aug. ii. Roster registration: until 18th Oct. iii. Qualification and Team tournament: 9th Nov. UTC ...
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We invite you to Seoul, the city of Korean Wave. Enjoy the tour in Seoul, with Korean Riichi Mahjong Championship. [Championship Overview] - Time: Oct. 27th, 201...
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Match pairings and results are in You can watch live play of the team competition on the at UTC 11AM on Nov.17th. ...
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Team Ranking Rank Team Score 1 Hong Kong, China 235.9 2 Canada 212.4 3 Russian Federation 211.1 4 Australia 170.8 5 Brazil 97.7 6 Indonesia 82.5 7 People's Republic ...
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히라사와 겐키(平澤元気) 프로의 우승 인터뷰 입니다. 1. 우승 축하합니다. 간단하게 소감을 부탁드립니다. → 감사합니다. 정해진 수의 반장에서 경쟁 리그전 형식의 마작은 사랑하기 때문에 ...
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