The International Online Riichi Mahjong Championship began with the 2011 Korea-Japan competition, and as the number of participating nations increased, it became an international championship which many countries are now participating. Four participants from each country are participating in the team and the individual game.

[International Online Riichi Mahjong Championship Winners]

- 2018 Individual winner: Siarhei Tsyvinski (22px-Flag_of_Belarus.svg.png  Belarus), Team winner: Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg.png Hongkong, China

- 2017 Individual winner: Zhou Lulu (Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svg.png China), Team winner: Flag_of_Russia.svg.png Russia

- 2016 Individual winner: maichii (23px-Flag_of_Japan.svg.png Japan), Team winner: Flag_of_Chinese_Taipei_for_Olympic_games.svg.png Chinese Taipei

- 2015 Individual winner: Yusē (23px-Flag_of_Japan.svg.png Japan), Team winner: Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png Korea

- 2014 Individual winner: Ho-Jong Kwon (Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png Korea), Team winner: Flag_of_Russia.svg.png Russia

- 2013 Ng-Ka fu (Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg.png Hong Kong)

- 2012 Individual winner: Jun-Hee Lee (Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png Korea), Team winner: Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png Korea

[Asian Online Riichi Mahjong Competition Winners]

- 2011 Individual winner: Seung-Cheol Jeong(Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png Korea), Team winner: Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png Korea

[Korea-Japan Inter-competition Winners]

- 2011 2nd - Individual winner: Dong-Woo Im(Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png Korea), Team winner: Flag_of_South_Korea.svg.png Korea

- 2011 1st - Katsuya Yamaya(23px-Flag_of_Japan.svg.png Japan)


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