- How about feelings of players of Chinese Taipei about winning team match?


It’s very encouraging for Taiwanese players that we won the competition upon first invitation to IORMC. Since Riichi Mahjong is still not well-known in Taiwan currently, we hope more people will have interest in it after the event.


Peng-Yu Chen(Rays):

I played Riichi Mahjong since attending college, it’s a surprise and really exciting thing for me that I passed the qualification competition in Taiwan, and get plus score in IORMC.


- At starting 4th session, we think Liang-yu Chen will win the individual match easily. I think he took very hard time at the 4th stage because of bad luck. How about his feelings about individual match?


Liang-yu Chen(tnfsh204):

As I have played over 2000 matches in Tenhou Pheonix Table, I suffered a lot from bad beat or losing from non-optimal play, so don’t really feel depressed from being defeated in IORMC individual event! But I am very proud that our team still win IORMC despite funliung/Peng-yu had network issues in 4th round!


I want to discuss some hands in the final table…

2, 8thround

Here I made the right decision, not richi (1. No dora 2.only 1 9p left 3. the dealer is very threatening)


2, 9thround

Although made dora 5p, richi still a questionable play since I only have to avoid 4th place! And even not in this situation, I think not richi is better given (1.only 1 9p left 2. the dealer is very threatening). Well, the outcome is quite a bad beat, but it came from bad play J


3, 7thround

Hereまいちぃ chi 4m from me and ron跳滿later. However, I still think 4m is a good play, since 3m dropped in 5th round, less likely for him needing 4m.


- How about the whole competition?

Thank you for your effort for competition. We really enjoyed the competition with strong players among various nations. There was an accident that every table play with the same hand in the 1st round, but it’s very interesting to see different thought and action from different players still.


- Please feel free to tell us anything about this competition.

Ming-Hsin Kuo (池田ねこ):

Thanks for announcing the scoring table instantly after finishing each round, it was really quick and easy to understand.

I'm very appreciate about KML announcing the competition progress in the chatroom and answering the questions in brief English, these should be encouraged also.


funliung (funliung):

We hope that more people will have interest in Riichi Mahjong after the event!