In Feb 12, 2011, KML and three Mahjong cafe, Shilim, Shinchen, and Japajyan have gathered to declare the agreement to held "KML Monthly Competitions." For every competition, Japajang would arrange a sponsor to investigate 1,000,000(won), which would be used to settle the competition, included winning prize, staff costs, preparing expenses, etc. KML have composed the standards, rules, and guidelines for the competition to have fair results in every competition, and to help every Mahjong cafe having their own competitions by their tastes.. 

By the agreement, the first competition would be held in Shinchen in Apr 9~10, and in May the second would be in Japajang. However, for May competition Japajang suddenly ignored the agreement that it should be followed the KML standards and rules for the competition. Japajang asked to held the May competition to be followed their own rules(that the player could come any time to play 3 times and sum scores which could be abused easily), which is breaking our agreement forcefully. And more than that, Japajyan threatened KML by giving away the sponsorship if its demand would not be acceptable.

Finally Japajyan informed the refusal of giving the sponsorship for the competition, not only May one but April event as well. We already have gathered participants for the April competition, and for the long discussion we've decided not to cancel the event. No sponsor, every KML staff had no choice to share the financial demand to held the competition with no error.. 

Japajyan damaged KML by this arrogant behavior, so we from now on would not have any relationship with it. And we would not hesitate to let every KML visitor know this issue, for preventing any further harm.

Our sincere Mahjong friends. KML are working heavily for nurturing the environment to enjoy Mahjong in Korea, and by international relationship we are helping every visitor enhance his/her competence in Mahjong. This unlucky issue severely damaged KML, but with your support and encouragement, we believe that we are able to fulfill our missions like before. Thank you.