2011 KRMC also held successfully with 28 players. 

DSC03286.jpg DSC03291.jpg 

There are 2 special guests whose are Japanese professional players. 


This is one of Japanese professional player named Saito Katsuhisa who has strong impression. His result of this competition is not good. But he gave us a deep impress with characterful game style. 


This is another Japanese professional player named Takahashi Tsuneyuki who attended last year, too. His score was very good until 3rd round. But, his score was decreased at 4th round. Finally his ranking was 10th. 


Winner is Kown Ho-Jong. He shows very good performance for every games. He earned very big scores.


2nd place is Hyun Joon-Seop. He got a ticket for Japanese Mahjong Competition(2011 Saikyosen) the day before. Moreover, he got 2nd place prize in 2011 KRMC. He is very strong player in this year. 

If you want to see detailed records, please refer following link.