The 2nd Korea-Japan Competition has been held successfully. As Korea considered seriously to choose the best participants who are fully familiar with Tenhou game channel. But Japan, who sent much competitive players for this event, overwhelmed Korea in players' Tenhou grades. Japanese participants were around 8~10 grades in Tenhou, while Korea only had 6 grade player at most.

Korean players list was as below:

Lee Chang-Keon (Noie) - Tenhou 6 grade

Cho Sung-Won (Reality) - Tenhou 6 grade

Lee Jun-Hee (harookie) - Tenhou 5 grade

Park Sang-Ah (KOKOTO) - Tenhou 4 grade

Im Dong-Woo (Blood熱血) - Tenhou 4 grade

Jeong Seung-Cheol (Drehyong) - Tenhou 4 grade

Shin Sang-Hun (DC_AAAAA) - Tenhou 6 grade

Yoo Seung-Ho (Ngel&Min) - Tenhou 6 grade

and Japanese players list was as below:

- Kajimoto Takunori (takutei) - Tenhou 7 grade

: Mondo 21 Professional League commentator(

- Saito Katsuhisa (ka2pro)

: Japan Professional Mahjong Association A League player(

- Kiryu Miyako (みーやん)

: Professional Saiko-sen player(

- Yamaya Katsuya (cpa1208)

: Winner of The 1st Korea-Japan Competition 

- Kawashita Taro (taroo) - Tenhou 9 grade

: In charge of Mahjong Kingdom

- Sibukawa Nanba (闘士☆渋川老) - Tenhou 10 grade

: Japan Professional Mahjong Association player(

- Tubokawa Yoshiaki (ママご飯まだ?) - Tenhou 8 grade

: Japan Professional Mahjong Association player(

- Takahashi Tsuneyuki (joukou)

: Mahjong World Chief Editor, Japan Professional Mahjong Association player(

For this time, players competed not only for one's honor, but for one's country as well. We summed each player's score by country, to determine the winner of nation-level confrontation.

Mr. Im Dong-Woo and Mr. Sibukawa rushed to high at the very beginning, and the competition flowed into these two player's noble match. However, too boring, Mr. Im beat Mr. Sibukawa at the 4th match by shooting Ms. Park Sang-Ah with Zu-Yi-Sou(Tou-3, 8th round), and it was the declaration of the winner.

besides Mr. Im's winning Zu-Yi-Sou, Mr. Kajimoto Takunori also won a Koku-Shi-Mu-Sou at the 2nd match. Two Yakuman for the competition.

2nd place was Mr. Cho Sung-Won, who kept his own pace to approach. He had a terrible luck at the 3rd match. Because Mr. Tubokawa Yoshiaki dropped out, He became the 3rd place by force, helplessly. Losing no hope, Mr. Cho calmly controlled his game to gain stable score, finished with satisfied results.

Mr. Takahashi Tsuneyuki had some inner flame to beat the competition, as he was poor at the previous competition. At the 2nd match Mr. Takahashi grapped the Dealer, and scored a Hane-man and a Man-kan in a row, directly mangling Mr. Tubokawa to drop out. But unfortunately, Mr. Im dominated the game with Yakuman at the last match, Mr. Takahashi had to be satisfied in 3rd place.

Mr. Kajimoto Takunori topped in net score at the end of the 2nd match thanks to his Yakuman, but he went a bit aggressive to become the 4th at the 3rd match. After He tried well to be better at the 4th match, he was able to settle in stable for 4rd place.

Japan sent the most powerful players in the country I believe, but Korean amateur players had an advantage from the beginning to the end. A great achievement for Korea Mahjong community indeed.

We now prepare for the next international online competition. We would like to invite other country as well, such as China or Taiwan, hoping this event to become Asian competition, and further, to become world international championship.

The detailed match replayes are linked below:

Net Score

Match Replays

the 1st match


[東]Blood熱血: 30600 

[北]taroo: -1100 

[南]takutei: -1800 

[西]Noie: -27700


[北]闘士☆渋川老: 9100 

[東]Reality: -2000 

[西]ka2pro: -3000 

[南]Drehyong: -4100


[西]harookie: 18800 

[北]ママご飯まだ?: 2000 

[東]みーやん: -4400 

[南]DC_AAAAA: -16400


[北]KOKOTO: 29000 

[東]Ngel&Min: 3500 

[西]joukou: -5000 

[南]cpa1208: -27500

the 2nd match


[南]joukou: 34200 

[東]Noie: 0 

[北]Reality: 0 

[西]ママご飯まだ?: -34200


[南]闘士☆渋川老: 17000 

[西]harookie: 5700 

[北]KOKOTO: -4500 

[東]taroo: -18200


[西]Blood熱血: 7000 

[南]Drehyong: 5600 

[東]みーやん: 900 

[北]cpa1208: -13500


[北]takutei: 29200 

[西]DC_AAAAA: 10700 

[南]ka2pro: -13000 

[東]Ngel&Min: -26900

the 3rd match



[東]KOKOTO: 11800 

[南]ka2pro: 5800 

[西]Noie: 2900 

[北]みーやん: -20500


[東]Reality: 6300 

[南]cpa1208: 5100 

[北]harookie: 2900 

[西]takutei: -14300


[東]Ngel&Min: 19500 

[南]Blood熱血: 2400 

[西]闘士☆渋川老: -10400 

[北]ママご飯まだ?: -11500


[南]DC_AAAAA: 10100 

[西]joukou: 3200 

[北]taroo: -5800 

[東]Drehyong: -7500


the last match


[西]Blood熱血: 49300 

[北]joukou: 7700 

[東]闘士☆渋川老: -7700 

[南]KOKOTO: -49300


[西]Reality: 8500 

[北]Ngel&Min: -2000 

[南]harookie: -2500 

[東]DC_AAAAA: -4000


[東]takutei: 11700 

[北]Noie: 8300 

[南]Drehyong: -2100 

[西]ka2pro: -17900


[東]みーやん: 28100 

[西]ママご飯まだ?: 6300 

[南]taroo: -6200 

[北]cpa1208: -28200