Reach Mahjong: The Only Way to Play is a website dedicated to spreading knowledge of 'Reach' version of Mahjong Rules. It is a central information, news and gathering site for Mahjong fans and players all over the world.

The founders of this website are Garthe and Jenn both members of the Japan Professional Mahjong League since April '06. We will also be introducing you to our friends and colleagues along the way.

Gemma writes a regular column for us. Beginners should start by reading her columns here.

Reach Mahjong: The Only Way to Play has partnered with Yakitori Online to bring you the most comprehensive English source of Reach Mahjong information in the world!

Andy, founder of Yakitori Online has started to do our IT work. We're excited to welcome him to the team!

Check back often for updates as we are working on the site daily.

You can catch us through other venues as well, such as Mahjong Fight Club, Mondo 2.