Mahjong News® is a private business, owned by Martin Rep. He is the only editor and reporter of this 'Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper', founded in 1997.
Martin Rep (born 1946, Koog aan de Zaan, the Netherlands) is a professional journalist. During his career, he worked for magazines (e.g. Margriet, a Dutch women's weekly, and NieuwsNet, a Newsweek-type newsmagazine), but in the first place as a sub-editor for daily newspapers (Amersfoortse Courant, de Volkskrant, de Gelderlander).
Since the early nineteen-nineties, he has played an active role in the Dutch national mahjong society. From 1999, together with his friend Sjef Strik, he has organized the Golden Dragon Tournament - at the time the first tournament in Holland without the tradional Chinese classical rules. In 2002, he played in the World Championship in Mahjong in Tokyo, after which he introduced the new International Rules in Europe by means of his initiative for the Open European Mahjong Championship (Nijmegen, 2005). He was the first president of the Nederlandse Mahjong Bond. Also, he was a vice-president of the European Mahjong Association (EMA).

Now he is active as an independent free lance journalist in the field of mahjong.

Martin Rep

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6532 SP Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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