On Oct. 1, 2011 Mahjong Saikyosen(http://www.mahjong-club.net/saikyosen/) Korean preliminaries was held in Rich Mahjong cafe(http://kml.or.kr/xe/176). Because 2 players who wins this competition will attend next stage in Japan, all players tried to their best. 


For reporting and observing this competition, Takahashi Tsuneyuki and Saito Katsuhisa who are Japanese professional players were attend

DSC03258.jpg DSC03259.jpg 

After playing 3 games, final 1st and 2nd table were decided. Each winners of final table can go next stages. Players of 1st final table were Kown Ho-Jong, Lee Jun-Hee, Hyun Joon-Seop and Choi You-Jin. Players of 2nd final table were Park Se-Gi, Hyung Nam-Kyo, Jae Hwa-Jun and Jeong Seung-Cheol. If you want to know detailed records until 3rd round, please open below link



Winner of 2nd final table is Jae Hwa-Jun. He keeps his scores at the end of the game and take a ticket which can go Japan. 


The result of 1st final table was very dramatic. Very first time, Kown Ho-Jong was 1st place. But Lee Jun-Hee got a big point at the middle of game and take 1st place. After he take 1st place, he seemed get victory until the end of the game. But Hyun Joon-Seop won finally. His point was only about 1000 point more than Lee Jun-Hee. 


This is Hyun Joon-Seop who is winner of 1st table.


This is Jae Hwa-Jun who is winner of 2nd table.

Please wish good luck to them