Li Mingyao was 2nd place at the qualification which means Li Mingyao got very high score. Li Mingyao got 1st places at the final 2 sessions. We don't need to sum all points to check 1st place. Li Mingyao was definitely winner after finals. 

Final results 
1. Li Mingyao/>_0@杏杏軍團/Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svg.pngCHN
2. Nathan Malafaia/Nihil/22px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.pngBRA
3. Nguyen Huu Huong/nigaiki/Flag_of_Vietnam.svg.pngVIE
4. Kevin L/-Nosty-/Flag_of_Australia.svg.pngAUS

#END >_0@杏杏軍團(+60.5) Nihil(+3.2) nigaiki(-18.4) -Nosty-(-45.3) 

#END >_0@杏杏軍團(+48.1) -Nosty-(+5.0) nigaiki(-20.1) Nihil(-33.0) 

- 2019 IORMC Individual Tournament Match Pairings and Results