1.     Overview

A.     Date and time

                         i.         Country registration: until 23rd Aug.

                        ii.         Roster registration: until 18th Oct.

                       iii.         Qualification and Team tournament: 9th Nov. UTC 11:00 AM

                       iv.         Individual tournament: 23rd Nov. UTC 11:00 AM

B.     Place

                         i.         http://tenhou.net/

                        ii.         Lobby number and match pairing will be provided by 2nd Nov.

2.     Participants

A.     One team must be attended in a nation. Country qualification is based on the Olympics.

B.      Players must have their own nation’s passport or permanent residency.

C.      Four players must be attended per a nation. 

Please refer to attached files for more details about championship format. 
Please contact email.png for registering your team. 

If you need more information about the 2019 IORMC, please refer to links below
Introduction and winners: http://kml.or.kr/xe/61401