2010 Korean Riichi Mahjong Championship(2010 KRMC), Korea's first international competition in Seoul, was successfully held. 7 Japanese and 1 swedish foreign player was attended.


The Winner and the 2nd Place Plates are made of 99.99% pure gold.


Park Se-Gi(박세기, Korean) grapped the Winner Plate, he scored two 1st place and two 2nd place. At the first and second game he was not so good, but latter two game he owned greatfully to achieve the Gold Plate.. 


The 2nd Place Plates is owned by Tanaka Koji(Japanese), he is Mahjong Professional. He scored +54500 at the second game, rushed for the winner's glory. But for the third game he scored 3rd place, and with 98.8 full score, he awarded the 2nd Place.

All the players' score of 2010 KRMC can check at the link below


Competition scenes


International competition it is, the orientation before the game was proceeded with 3 language translations.(It was indeed a hard work - translator) With giving honor to members who have prepared all the hard works for the competition, we explained about the schedules and rules of the competition.




Four Japanese and four Chinese auto-table was set for the competition. Some machines are a bit old, sometimes there were troubles but no big issues.


Mr. Kajimoto, a Japanese Mahjong Professional, has worked with iPhone for live broadcast, sending videos to overseas Japanese people who are interested in the competion.


 Lunch scene. All the foreigners were gathered. Korean style boiled chicken pot must be delicious.


After the competition, all player were gathered to take pictures.



Also, many players were participated in dinner meeting, with drinks, with talks, everyone had a good time.

Thank you for all attendant, it was fun.