- It was a very intriguing and drama comeback. How did you feel when you pulled off such a win?
I really don't know what is going to happen till the very end. My heart was beating really fast. 

- After game 3, the score difference from 1st was 50k. How did you plan on playing your game 4?
The point difference was 59.0 so I played it with a mindset of getting either 1st or last. 

- The breaking point was winning the Shosangen (Little Three Dragons). Before that, the win was really uncertain. Can you share more about the situation?
It was a decision between waiting on a dora or Chun but Chun has a higher probability of not being used by other players. So it will be more likely to be discarded by other players when they choose to showdown. 

- Till game 3, the 1st place was Liang-yu Chen (tnfsh204) so it is a must to decrease his/her score. At which moment did you feel you really stand a chance to win?
I really didn't know I win until the game ended because depending on how big of a hand other players can win, I might lose my 1st place. 

- In general, what do you think/feel about IORMC?
Although I thought it would be tough to manage competition with this many participants, it was smoothly carried out. Thank you very much.

- Lastly, please feel free to comment on anything you would like to. 
Including the preliminaries, if there are more marketing/advertising, I think it is possible to expect Professional Players to join as well. It didn't become a topic of discussion. In addition, I would certainly like to participate more of such tournaments. Thank you very much.
It would be great to see an increasing number of Mahjong fans from Korean, Japan and the rest of the world! Thank you very much.