History of Korean Mahjong

Korean mahjong is thought to have been first introduced from China during the early Chosun Dynasty(around the 15th and 17th centuries). Unfortunately, there are very few historical records about mahjong’s early development in Korea. Mahjong in Korea began to spread out at the beginning of the 20th century and at the end of the Chosun Dynasty. The style of Korean mahjong is based on the  Japanese style, but it has been modified for faster playing; for example, by excluding bamboos and simplifying rules. Since the beginning, Korean mahjong has been considered a game for gambling, and most of Korean public still hold a negative image of the game.

Korean Mahjong League

Korean Mahjong League organizes and connects each mahjong group in Korea. It provides a community for mahjong players and supports newly-formed mahjong groups in the country. Since 2009, we also have made efforts to introduce Korean mahjong to international mahjong players and keep in close contact with many groups around the world.

What we do

Korean mahjong is not a popular game in Korea, or  on the international stage. Korean Mahjong League tries to promote mahjong as an intellectual sport and fun hobby in Korea, hoping to increase the game’s appeal. Also, the league aims to introduce Korean mahjong to the worldwide mahjong community.
Detailed information about what we do are listed below:

  1. Support and provide standard mahjong rules and score-recording system
  2. Provide mahjong related news inside and outside of Korea
  3. Strengthen community activities between each mahjong group and/or player
  4. Host and participate in international tournaments
Logo and slogan

We settled the logo from the Initials of Korean Mahjong League, pointed with green bamboo leaves on right top of green M letter, which represents Bamboos. Still in Korea it seems that Mahjong has ugly images, we called for the slogan “Mahjong, a Mental Sport”, to emphasize Mahjong as a fine mental exercise and hobby.